Risk Management Services

Security Audits and Surveys

A Security Survey establishes the critical assets of your business and identifies the threats to them. Security Surveys and Audits are an essential part of managing these threats and the resulting risk from them. Eclipse uses a tried and tested, systematic method for conducting security surveys and audits of your business, with a view to ensuring commensurate, cost effective security measures are in place.

Static Site Security

Eclipse delivers ‘best in class’ physical security solutions for buildings, working / industrial sites and other organisational physical locations such as power distribution centres, drilling sites, employee / executive residences or company offices. Services provided are tailored to the security threat and may include a static / mobile site security team or individual Eclipse Risk Consultant. Other services include the planning and implementation of reinforcing technical measures such as CCTV systems, access control, detection and warning systems.

Close / Executive Protective Services

Eclipse’s highly trained and qualified operatives possess the knowledge, expertise and experience to undertake a worldwide protective role. The skills and experience offered enable us to provide Personal Protection Officers or dedicated teams of operatives tasked to protect individuals, their families, property and assets. Eclipse offers overt and covert protection specifically designed to meet clients’ requirements according to their political, language, religious and cultural needs. Eclipse has considerable experience and the necessary tact, diplomacy and understanding required to provide personal protective services in situations involving protests, demonstrations or the potential for hostile situations.

Mitigation of Unlawful Protest

Eclipse recognises that some client activities can be contentious and that they may attract protest or demonstrations. Whilst the majority of protest and demonstrations are peaceful, unlawful actions can cause increased costs through disruption or delays to an operation, intimidate or put staff at risk and damage assets; in addition, an excessive or inappropriate response by security staff can damage an organisations reputation. Eclipse recognises the legal rights of individuals and groups to protest and only uses Security Officers that have graduated from their City and Guilds accredited, Dealing with Protest Course, a course designed to address the legal and practical aspects of dealing with protest, in a sensitive and responsive manner. Services include:

  • Advice on, and authoring of Business Continuity Plans in accordance with BS25999
  • Evictions and security support
  • Police Liaison Services
  • Incorporation of ‘Dealing with Protest’ within client security plans
  • Desk-Top exercises to test Business Continuity Plans
  • The training of an organisations in-house security staff
  • ‘Low profile’ security support to public events, exhibitions and community engagements

Threat Analysis and Monitoring

Eclipse maintain an ongoing general intelligence picture relevant to the geographical and industry sectors that our clients operate in. In addition, Eclipse focuses information and intelligence gathering activities, to provide detailed localised threat and risk pictures pertinent to individual client requirements. In order to achieve this, Eclipse uses:

  • Subscriptions to global, strategic intelligence reports
  • High end ‘Open Source’ reporting
  • Investigation and surveillance operations
  • Eclipse global network of strategically positioned operators
  • Local Law Enforcement statistics and advice

Specialised Project Support

Eclipse provides 24 hour, 7 days a week constant support to our staff operating on projects in the field, from its Head Office in Herefordshire or from satellite offices in the UK. This constant support comes as part of Eclipse’s service to our clients and ensures that their project and organisational security risks are always being managed.
This support includes the following services:

  • Kit and equipment procurement
  • Movement & travel logistics
  • Security threat / risk monitoring
  • Emergency response and crisis management
  • Research and information gathering
  • First aid and casualty evacuation
  • On site logistical support
  • Training

Cyber Security

An organisation’s information is critical. Technological advances in communications can often leave this information at risk from theft or illegal transfer. Information technology and cyber security is a growing concern for most organisations and individuals. Eclipse can supply specialists in IT and Cyber Security to review and further protect an organisation’s information assets.